3D Printing Applied in Medical Materials

In What might be consoidered as an breakthrough , Researchers form South Korea have a developed a methhod to print Bio – Medical materials. The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) announced on Oct. 28 that the research developed the technology to build “bacterial cellulose,” in 3-dimensional printing.

Photo Credits : unsplash / Ne On Brand

According to a report from Business Korea , The Team Lead by Hyun jin-ho, professor of Seoul National University (SNU), developed the technology. Bacterial cellulos is a major component of the bacterial cell wall, is widely used for biomedical applications like artificial organs as it demonstrates excellent biocompatibility. According to Business Korea.

The research team induced the biosynthesis of bacterial cellulose by injecting bacteria-laden ink into the inside of solid matrix, successfully overcoming the morphological limitations.

The research finding was published in the renowned international journal of Nature Communications (on Oct. 11),