4 Day Work Increases Prodcutivity

Microsoft the I.T Major, Tested 4 day work week instead of a 5 -Day week work as a part of the “Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019”. Microsoft implemented this project in its Japan Offices in August and it seems to have an impact as productivity increased by 40 %compared to August 2018.

Image Credits : Business Insider

Microsoft said by implementing this trial project they had seen an increase in productivity by 39.9% compared to the previous year. Microsoft Japan had given full pay for its employees following the Friday closure.According to Business Insider

The Company also implemented the 30-minute time limit for meetings & encouraged Remote communication. The 4 day work week also saw a result of efficient electricity consumption.

The 4 -day work week is not new to the Business World, as a New Zealand based company had conducted a similar experiment and found that it benefited both employees and the company.

Japan is known for its long working hours and has cases that have turned out to be fatal. The Japanese Government had launched a campaign called “Premium Friday,” which encourages workers to leave early every last Friday of the month.


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