5 reasons to ditch that glass of drink for a while

You stand to gain immensely if you give you alcohol even for short while. Read on to see the many health benefits of going dry for a while.

Have you ever wondered what giving up alcohol for a while will do to your body? According to a study at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in England, it can bring immense health benefits. The New Scientist magazine published this study. Researchers followed 14 people for 30 days. None of the participants had alcohol for one month. Researchers saw that liver fat came down by almost 20 per cent and blood glucose levels decreased by 16 per cent. These are immediate effects of going dry. Researchers concluded that there are many health benefits of giving up alcohol for a while.

Let us take a look at a few of these health benefits.

It Is Good For Weight Loss

When you drink alcohol, your metabolism becomes slow. As a result, you start gaining weight because your body does not convert calories to energy fast enough. Moreover, alcohol is calorie-dense. This also helps you pile on the kilos.

You Will Sleep Better

You will get better sleep if you go off alcohol for a while. Researchers at the Centre for Sleep Research says that ‘alcohol can disrupt the two most important parts of our sleep; Slow Wave Sleep, which is the part that physically refreshes us the most, and REM sleep, which is the part that helps us learn and remember’.

Your Sex Life Gets Better

Alcohol can increase libido but it adversely affects performance. When you drink, it affects your central nervous system (CNS) and reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings. This decreases sexual satisfactions. Hence, you will notice that your sex life becomes better when you give up alcohol for a while.

There Are Beauty Benefits Too

Alcohol dilates your blood vessels and this increases the flow of blood. This can lead to a red looking and blotchy skin. Your face also looks puffy if you drink too much. Moreover, alcohol causes dehydration, and this can dry your skin. It also breaks down the collagen in skin and slows down cell renewal. This makes your skin look old and dull.

You Will Bring Down Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Alcohol increases your risk of breast cancer. But avoiding it for a while will significantly bring down your risk.

Source - The HealthSite