$ 98 Million Home

Le Penthouse is a five-story 20,000 sq ft apartment at 172, madisson quare New York, set in New York’s famous shopping streets .

Source : Dailymail /Keller Williams

This Posh House located in NewYorks’ busisest shopping streets houses 11 – Bedrooms , 14 Bathrooms. In addition to it has a private rooftop pool and more than 3,500 square feet of outdoor terraces.

Source : Dailymail /Keller Williams

Why is this expensive ?

This building is suitated at the central location of New York with a 360 Degree view and is situated at the 33-floor luxury tower with 5 floors on its own.

Around the 33-floor tower, residents have access to a health club, pet spa, play room and outdoor plaza but with at least 3,500 sq ft of space on each of Le Penthouse’s five floors, plus terraces that rack up 4,5000 ft of outdoor space – there’s no need to even venture away from this sprawling abode.

The lucky owner of Le Penthouse will get to swim in the private pool or sit back in the Jacuzzi on their private roof deck, complete with views of the Chrysler building.

Source : Daily Mail