A silver lining in the cloud for AI startups

Cloud computing startups take pole position as more activities move online during coronavirus lockdowns

Data storage, processing and management are critical now as most activities worldwide move online during coronavirus lockdowns.

Migration to the cloud was happening even before this crisis but now, organizations are depending on cloud services more than ever.

Whether it is working from home or streaming videos from Netflix, these services are underpinned by software and hardware on the cloud.

Although there may be a reduction of cloud usage as airlines and others see business dwindle, the dominant theme in these times is digitalization.

The best-known cloud infrastructure providers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft. But there are several others catering to specialized needs.

California-headquartered Fortune 500 company NetApp, for example, provides cloud services for storage and management of enterprise data. It has been in the thick of coping with a surge in demand.

“Our leadership team is monitoring the situation daily to mitigate impact on services," says Ravi Chhabria, MD of NetApp India.

Tech innovations play a key role in cloud-based services ranging fr