AI in Prisons

Staqu , Gurgaon based AI start-up is helping the Police force to watch over Jails & Catch culprits. The video analytics platform called Jarvis will check for unauthorised access & Crowd control or simply say will analyse people’ movement.

Image Source : Nikhil Chawla /twitter

Staqu founded in 2015 , has already worked with the police forces of Rajasthan, Punjab and Telangana. “JARVIS is now no longer limited to the realms of science-fiction; we are making intelligent video analytics a reality for India’s police force, starting with the first phase of integration in Uttar Pradesh,” said Atul Rai, Co-Founder and CEO of Staqu. According to Business Insider.

Staqu provides services in three domains namely OEM, Security & E-commerce according to their portal. Staqu has partnered with India’s major internet players such as Paytm , Sharachat & Prathilipiaccordong to their portal.

Staqu was the winner of the Nasscom’s AI Game Changer domain and was also adjudged the Top 17 – Startups of India by Times of India.