Apple may have to pay half billion dollars for iPhone Throttlegate

iPhone owners may have another stimulus check on the way, with Federal District Judge Edward Davila giving preliminary approval for a maximum $500 million settlement in the long-running Throttlegate saga.

In 2017 Apple confirmed what many suspected, that Apple slows down iPhones with OS updates.

The story was a bit more complicated – with Apple throttling iPhones via OS updates so old (and some say poor quality) batteries lasted longer. What Apple failed to do however was tell iPhone owners that a simple battery swap could make their iPhone work as good as new, obviating the need to buy a new iPhone to regain performance.

In the end, Apple made good by offering most iPhone users $20 battery replacements for the iPhone, but this does not mean regulators were as easily satisfied.

Judge Davila calls the new settlement “fair, reasonable and adequate,” but unless lawyer fees fall below $310 million most iPhone owners in the class will likely only get about $25, though the worse affected may receive up to $500.

Do not spend your windfall yet, however – the payout may be delayed until December due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the money likely reaching end users only in 2021.