Astronomers Have Spotted the Fastest, Brightest and Heaviest Transient Object Till Date

This FBOT has been named as CRTS-CSS161010.

Astronomers have spotted a new astronomical transient which is faster, heavier and brighter at radio wavelengths as compared to the ones that have been spotted in the past.

The study which has been done by Northwestern University asserts that the anomaly is the third fast blue optical transient (FBOT) that has been captured through radio- and X-ray wavelengths.

FBOTs are basically a kind of cosmic explosion. They are so hot in nature that they glow blue. As mentioned in the study, FBOTs reach peak brightness in a few days after which they quickly fade.

This FBOT has been named as CRTS-CSS161010. Even though it has been ascertained that what has been spotted is a FBOT but its true underlying nature has not been found as it flared up and faded away very fast.

Raffaella Margutti, senior author of the study and an assistant professor of physics and astronomy in Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences said, “We thought we knew what produced the fastest outflows in nature. We thought there were only two ways to produce them — by collapsing a massive star with a gamma ray burst or two neutron stars merging. We thought that was it. With this study, we are introducing a third way to launch these outflows. There is a new beast out there, and it’s able to produce the same energetic phenomenon”.

Source - NEWS18

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