Best Book of 2019: What I'm Reading This Fall

Welcome to my blog DOTHINK. This post majorly covers the brief description about how the story goes on and how the author have created the narration using WORDS. Lets dive into it.

A Leaf and Pebble

A Leaf and Pebble is hitting stores December 5th, 2019.”

In a land of elemental magic and Learner Skill, a gripping tale of two friends who narrowly avoid death while attending the school under the mountain takes place. As both are forced to flee before finishing their studies, they must unravel and attempt to thwart a plot to plunge their homeland into war after ages of peace.

Balteris is an enormous peninsula with an impassable causeway leading to an unknown land. The seas around it are filled with mysterious and deadly creatures keeping the inhabitants penned into the region. Naturals, people who have an inborn talent for elemental manipulation make up a portion of the otherwise regular population. But an even smaller percent of the people study Skill, and are therefore called Learners. This study allows the Learner to manipulate raw willpower into a powerful energy force.

“A Leaf and Pebble is a pretty acceptable fantasy book for nerds."

Two of these people, Nil a Learner and Volant a Natural, are forced to abandon their respective studies to save their own lives and uncover a mysterious group that has been slowly plotting to turn Balteris' five city-states into war-mongering kingdoms. Along the way, they must learn to survive, grow in their powers, and fight back against the government who thinks they helped murder their classmates.

About the Author

Andrew Monroe is an avid book monger, tabletop gaming aficionado, fitness enthusiast, obsessive coffee drinker, and can most usually be found thinking about food in its various forms but mostly about what his next dessert will be. There’s not much to be said about his writing beyond the fact that he won the third grade Most Persuasive Essay contest in which he wished to convince his teacher to give the class an additional fifteen minutes of recess. When not writing or pursuing one of the above hobbies, he spends most of his time in Amarillo, TX attempting to convince friends and family he’s become an almost well-adjusted adult who can (mostly) fend for himself.