Blindspot Finally Revealed Patterson's First Name, And Fans Can't Even

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Blindspot episode "We Didn't Start The Fire." Read at your own risk!

One of Blindspot's biggest remaining mysteries has finally been revealed: the first name of Ashley Johnson's forensic scientist Patterson. Thanks to a returning guest appearance by Patterson's father Bill Nye, viewers now finally know the character's first name after years of waiting, and they can't even because of how odd and equally perfect it is: William.

The big reveal came after Patterson and Daddy Dearest successfully stopped a bomb from exploding beneath a stage, successfully thwarting Madeline Burke's hit on an outspoken rival. The family reunion was short-lived though, as Patterson needed to go back into hiding with the rest of the FBI team. During their farewell exchange, the in-character Bill Nye affectionately called her by her first name, William. Almost immediately, social media started raining in reactions to the confirmation, with almost everyone left in shock.

The gut reaction is that the fictional Bill Nye was responsible for naming his daughter William, which is traditionally a boy's name, obviously. Oddly enough, there's something really sweet about Patterson basically being the Bill Jr. to Nye's Bill Sr.

It is a sweet gesture, though someBlindspotviewers were able to see the other side of the coin. Namely, the fact that despite however sweet a gesture it was, it was no coincidence that Patterson successfully kept her first name out of her colleagues' ears and mouths for so long.

Patterson was more than a little embarrassed to have her first name uttered within the earshot of fellow agents, though her shame deepened when Bill Nye attempted to take it one step further. According to the Science Guy, Patterson had a Space Camp name, and judging from Patterson's expression, that moniker was way more embarrassing in comparison.Blindspotfans had just gotten a five season long question answered, and in comes another one.

Alas, TV fans' desires can rarely be fully satiated. Blindspothas already given fans a major death and answer to a major question in its final season, and already people are pressing for more details! There are plenty, though, who really held onto the moment and appreciated just how mind-blowing it was to finally put that mystery to rest.

For Blindspot fans, getting such juicy reveals like this in the final season is a good sign for what's still left to come. Obviously, I can't say for sure, but based on these first two episodes alone, I'm getting a sense that there won't be too many people disappointed with this finale when it finally rolls around.


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