Chilean Protesters bring down a Police drone using Lasers

Chile , One of South America’s wealthiest countries has been facing violent protests since October over a price hike in the metro. The Protests saw protesters use technology to bring down a drone.

This is the most cyberpunk thing I've seen for a while: Chilean protesters using lasers to take down a drone. — NetSec Focus (@netsecfocus) November 13, 2019

The Protesters pointed more than 50 Lasers for (20 sec) at the drone where it was eventually brought down according to the footage. The Drone which regained control was once again brought down by the Protesters.

There were multiple theories surrounding the Social Media on how the Drone might have been brought down , Users on Reddit, where the video was originally posted, theorized that the combined heat of 40 or 50 lasers could have melted the drone’s internal circuitry and there was a possibility that the drone battery would have died after its flight duration.

There was one more theory that the laser could have blinded the Drone operator eventually crashing the drone. Eariler Hongkong Protestors used lasers to defy themselves from the Face recognition software.