Coke is all set to complete Billion dollar investment in Agriculture Ecosystem

Coca-Cola the American FMCG major is all set to complete all its investment commitments in India, including the $1.7 billion funding to create a “Fruit Circular Economy” meant to aide the Indian agri-ecosystem, according to IANS.

Coke has said it would Invest around 10,000 crores in Indian Agriculture Sector in 2017 and according to a report from IANS , it is all set to be completed.

The amount would be for the entire supply chain from said Coco -cola in 2017 , for its “grove to glass through a concept called ‘Fruit Circular Economy”.

Fruit Circular Economy is Coca-Cola’s endeavor to make a concerted difference in the Indian fruit ecosystem. With a focus on increasing farm productivity through Innovation and technology, The surplus fruit supply shall be processed to create high value fruit juices by integrating farm supply with the consumer needs, thus propelling the fruit economy of India.”


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