Disinfecting Covid-19: B Tech student’s new portable UV racket provides solution

Anant Kumar Rajput, a B Tech mechanical engineering student of Lovely Professional University has developed a portable UV racket that can disinfect almost everything from groceries to currency notes to vehicles.

All one needs to do is wave the racket 4 -5 inches from the object for 60 seconds to disinfect, said project officer and guide Mandeep Singh

LPU has filed a patent for this product and is now looking to tie up with industrial partners for commercialising it.

The racket can run on electricity or via an inbuilt rechargeable battery

LPU researchers have over the last few weeks developed several products like contactless waste collection smart dustbin, Kawach- an IoT device to promote safe social distancing and a Covid19 dashboard to help people track the spread of the deadly virus across the globe.