Drones launched from Cannons

Squid , Researchers from Caltech and NASA JPL have launched a drone from cannons with a hope this ballistic launch method might lead to emergency response and space exploration missions.

Cad model of the SQUID drone Source : IEEE Spectrum

The Drone was strapped into a football . It features four spring-loaded arms with rotors attached to them that pop out after being fired from a moving vehicle.

Researchers from Caltech and JPL believe that the revoltutionary method can be used in highly vulnerable situations where it is highly difficult to launch a drone in the sky.

According to a paper on the prototype, “the design is 3D printable, launches from a three-inch diameter barrel, and has sufficient thrust to carry a significant payload.” The current design is 27 centimeters long and has an 8-cm diameter, weighing in at 530 grams. For now, the drone is intended for research purposes, but it’s only a matter of time before a commercial drone-launching cannon hits the market.