Electric Racing Aircraft unveiled at Dubai Air Show.

White lightning an Electric powered Sports Aircraft was unveiled at the Dubai Air show on Sunday. The Aircraft was unveiled at the Airbus backed racing Tournament.

White Lightning will be manufactured by Condor Aviation (Image : Twitter /Airbus)

The aircraft will use an electric motor that will carry it at flight speeds of around 482 kilometers (300 miles) per hour on a 5 kilometer (about 3 miles) circuit, just 10 meters above the ground. Lithium batteries will be powering the plane for five minutes of high intensity racing and around 10 minutes of reserve flying at reduced power, the firm said according to Reuters.

“The racing series will provide a test bed for innovation and accelerate the journey towards electric commercial travel,” Air Race E Chief Executive Jeff Zaltman said according to Reuters. Air Race E will be the world’s first all-electric airplane competition when it launches its inaugural version in 2020.

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