'Fireworks': Astronauts capture glimpse of Neowise comet from space!

NASA astronaut Bob Behnken took to Twitter and posted stunning images of a natural light show from a comet this weekend. Comet Neowise, also known as C/2020 F3, was first seen at the end of March. 

The astronaut Bob Behnken posted the tweet on July 5 from the International Space Station and captioned the post, "Last night's fireworks, for real. Because Science."

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner took to twitter too to share the images of the bright comet highlighting the tail of Neowise. He wrote: "During the next revolution I tried to capture the C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) comet a bit closer, the brightest one over the last 7 years. Its tail is quite clearly visible from the @Space_Station!"

According to the report by Space.com, the comet is set to be visible throughout July and it will be the closest to Earth on July 22. 

Neowise is the third comet to be discovered in 2020 and can be visible through naked eyes as per an article on CNET. Atlas and Swan, the other two comets were seen with the same potential but broke up before they could get as bright as Neowise. 

In an article on Spaceweather.com, Dr Tony Phillips had written that the comet would develop in the weeks after perihelion or closest approach to the sun. He said: "Northern hemisphere observers would be able to easily see it in the evening sky in mid-July."

Source - WION