Fitbit is now Google

Image Credits : The Metropolitan Hub

Google the Tech major has bought another major Fitbit. Google was struggling to get a hold in the wearable market which was dominated by the likes of Apple & Samsung. Interestingly Wear OS made by Google is the most used interface in smartwatches.

The Fitbit flex with the detatchable wrist band

Fitbit founded by James Park (CEO) and Eric Friedman (CTO) was founded around 2007 and since has been making quite a name for it. Initially called Healthy Metrics research had known for its products such as trackers, clip-on trackers, smartwatches & scales. Fitbit has its own community page where people can challenge themselves. 

$ 2.1 Billion

Google which had earlier made investments in Fossil, Made a surprise decision to buy this wearable brand. In January of this year, the Android giant purchased a large chunk of IP from watchmaker Fossil for $40 million.

With Google’s resources and global platform, Fitbit will be able to accelerate innovation in the wearables category, scale faster, and make health even more accessible to everyone. Fitbit Founder James Park said.

Wear OS, Fitbit & Fossil could be a major breakthrough for google which was struggling in the wearables sector and could pose serious threats to Apple.