Gangster Vikas Dubey Killed, Was Trying To Escape After Accident

On the run since he organized the massacre of eight policemen in Kanpur last Friday, Vikas Dubey was arrested yesterday at a temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter after a road accident on Friday morning while being taken to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh, where he was arrested yesterday.

Just an hour short of Kanpur, the car in which Vikas Dubey was being taken overturned on the highway that was slick with rain and he tried to escape after snatching a gun, according to the police. He was shot dead, like many of his accomplices who, according to the police, had also tried to escape from custody.

Vikas Dubey snatched the pistol of one of the Special Task Force men escorting him and tried to run but was surrounded, said the police.

"Four policemen were injured in the accident today. Vikas Dubey has been killed in police encounter," said Mohit Agarwal, Inspector General, Kanpur.

Visuals after the incident showed Vikas Dubey being taken away on a stretcher. He was declared dead in hospital.

On the run since he organized the massacre of policemen at his village in Kanpur last Friday, Vikas Dubey was arrested yesterday at the famous Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. He was spotted by temple security guards when he bought prasad and entered the temple. When he was confronted by the guards, he lashed out and was taken to the police. "Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala! (I am Vikas Dubey, the Kanpur guy)," he burst out, held by several Madhya Pradesh policemen.

Evading UP policemen on his trail for five days, Dubey had driven from Kanpur to Faridabad in Haryana, where he escaped from a hotel just before the police arrived. He then drove to Kota in Rajasthan and finally to Madhya Pradesh, without being checked on the 1,500-km journey.

Questions were raised on whether the gangster turned himself in at a time and place of his choosing. Police officer Mohit Agarwal had said: "We had caught many of his associates and a few were killed. So definitely he was trying to save his life and on the run."

Over the last week, five of Dubey's aides had been killed.

Hours before his arrest, two of his accomplices had been shot dead by Uttar Pradesh police in separate encounters.

One of them, Prabhat, was arrested on Wednesday from the Faridabad hotel where Dubey had been sighted. On the way to UP, he allegedly snatched a pistol from a policeman trying to fix a flat tyre and tried to run away when he was shot.

The other aide, Bauva Dubey, was shot dead in an encounter in Etawah, about 220 km from state capital Lucknow.

Dubey's closest aide Aman Dubey was shot dead after he was chased down by the police to a village on Wednesday.

Dubey, in his 50s, had over 60 criminal cases against him, including murder, kidnapping and extortion. His alleged links with the police and politicians helped him stay out of jail for years.

On Friday last, a large team of policemen who went to Dubey's Bikru village to arrest him in an attempted murder case was caught by surprise when there was indiscriminate firing from rooftops. Eight policemen were killed in the ambush set up after the gangster was tipped off by a local police inspector. Dubey escaped with many of his men after the massacre. 

The UP administration tore down Dubey's house and launched a massive hunt for him. Two policemen were arrested for allegedly helping him and over 60 local cops shunted out. Dubey's wife and son were found in Lucknow and were taken for questioning last evening.

Source - NDTV

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