Google Meet gets Zoom-like tile layout, low-light mode, noise cancellation

Google renamed its Hangout service to simply ‘Meet’ and now the company is even adding new features to the re-branded teleconferencing app. These features were announced earlier but it seems Google just started rolling it out globally. These additions will help Meet compete with other popular platforms like Zoom.

Google is rolling out four features to the application that they claimed are highly in demand. The new features seem to aimed at taking down competition and enhance the user experience.

Tiled Layout

With the latest update, Google Meet will now allow 16 members simultaneously on a single screen. Earlier, the app only allowed four people on the screen. Google claimed that future updates will bring more update for larger meeting, better presentation layouts and support across more devices.

Higher Video Quality

Now, the app lets users present a single Chrome tab instead of just presenting their window or entire screen. Google claims that this will help improve the video quality along with audio content in meetings. The “present a Chrome tab" feature is already rolling out to general availability.

Low-light mode

This new feature, as the name suggests, will improve visibility in low-lighting conditions. Since most homes aren’t equipped with sufficient lighting for good video quality, this new feature will light up dim-lit video streams. Currently, the feature is only rolling out to mobile users and Google has claimed it will be available to web users in future.

Noise Cancellation

Another problem with meetings at home is constant noise from surroundings. This feature will work actively during the call. Noise will be cancelled for both the speaker and the listener.

Video conferencing is key to keeping the world connected in times of pandemics and lockdowns. Many relatively new brands like Zoom shot to popularity due to its unique features that provides a communication platform. With the new features being rolled out by Google, Meet will be better equipped to tackle the competition.

Source - LIVE MINT

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