Hello Moto !

The Rumored Images of the Moto Razr Phone

Looks like it’s raining innovation at the Hand-set market. Samsung Fold’s , Google’s Pixel and in addition to it Moto the U.S handset manufacturer (Now Owned by Lenovo).

Motorola said the evening event in downtown Los Angeles will feature the “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon.” According to the invitation, the event will feature special guests and musical performers, as well as “a journey through immersive experiences.” As Cnet Reports.

Motorola’s foldable phone offering is rumored to have a foldable screen, but instead of opening out into a tablet, the phone could fold vertically to fit inside pockets. It’s also been reported that the phone will cost $1,500.

The unannounced Motorola RAZR have appeared online in a now-deleted post on Weibo. The images were later reuploaded to SlashLeaks.

The RAZR along with its distinctive packaging.  Image: SlashLeaks