Magway the Underground Delivery Partner

An U.K Start -up is planning to deliver parcels underground , Magway the Start-Up based in London is planning to build tracks & tunnels beneath the cities in the U.K. and deliever goods underground thus reducing Traffic Congestion and Airpollution.

Image Credits : CNBC

Magway founded by Rupert Cruise & Philip Davies in 2017 has a team of 14 and plans to expand further, Cruise one of the Founders has worked for Hyperloop where had designed linear synchronous magnetic motors which is similar to the technology used in roller coasters.

How Does this Work ?

Magway planes to build a series of pipes, less than 1 meter wide, that could transport items in pods that would travel along a track powered by a magnetic motor, connecting distribution centers to retail outlets and consumers. Its small tunnels are similar in design to the underground pipes already used by water, gas and electricity companies said Phil Davies Co -Founder of Magway in a Interview to CNBC.

The company has raised £1.5 million ($1.9 million) since being founded in 2017, and plans to raise £750,000 through investors and crowdfunding. Cruise said the technology would help to tackle congestion and emissions. “Not enough is being done to address the future of our transport infrastructure and, more importantly, how to tackle the problem of dangerous levels of air pollution.

Amazon had filed a patent similar to Magway’s design in 2016 , where the parcels would be delivered underground.

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