NASA reveals science fiction like details of its plan to collect Mars

An Interplanetary Heist

In what is sure to sound something straight out of a sci-fi flick, NASA has revealed some really interesting details about its plan to collect samples of the Martian surface and bring them back to Earth.

And trust us when we say this, that the described set of pioneering actions will assure that this interplanetary heist will be nothing short of a sci-fi film.

Involving multiple spacecrafts, rovers, touchdowns and the first ever rocket launch from a planet other than ours, the soaringly ambitious international endeavour will bring Martian rocks to scientists in just over a decade.

If things go as planned, the first step of this hugely ambitious yet realistic plan comes in July, when Perseverance rover will be launched.

In February next year, the rover will land on the Jezero crater which is home to river delta that could hold traces of ancient Martian life.

Perseverance will then drive around for many kilometres collecting samples of the Martian surface in 30 small geological sampling tubes.