Paytm is all set to Invest Rs.500 Crores in Indian start-ups

Paytm , the Indian Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology is all set to invest 500 crores in Indian Start-ups which will be based on on artificial intelligence and big data solutions for new innovations.

Image Credits : INF Media 24

“The company has set aside Rs 500 crore to invest in early-stage companies that build complementary technologies augmenting the digital ecosystem. We expect to employ technology across the growing internet to become the dominant player in AI.”This will generate massive employment The Company said in a Statement.

“We are well aligned with our country’s mission to ensure the benefits of the digital revolution reach the last mile. We partner with startups who have capabilities that augment the digital ecosystem for the next wave of growth. “These investments are also an indication that Paytm believes India’s entrepreneur ecosystem is innovative and is growing well,” Paytm Deputy Chief Financial Officer Vikas Garg said.

Paytm invests Rs.200 – 250 Crores every year in companies ,Start-ups & intellectual Properties.



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