The first official image of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 just leaked

I wasn’t very happy about it last year when I had to say “I told you so” to Samsung fans, but it was inevitable. Believe me, I would have loved to see Samsung release a fantastic foldable smartphone last year with a smart design and solid build quality.

But as I have explained several times over the past year, that’s not what Samsung does with first-generation mobile products. It rushes them out and screws them up.

Badly. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, and that’s why I was able to state definitively that the Galaxy Fold would be a piece of junk more than a year before it was even announced.

Here’s the easiest way to explain it: when it comes to innovation, Samsung’s mobile division is a YouTube commenter shouting “FIRST!” The company is far more concerned with beating rivals to market than it is with building an innovative new product that customers are going to love.

As a result, the company regularly releases new devices that are poorly thought-out, poorly designed, and poorly constructed.

That’s why the Galaxy Fold started breaking literally within hours of review units being delivered to media last year. As you’ll recall, the Galaxy Fold was such a piece of junk that Samsung had to cancel the phone’s release and take six months to redesign it.