The Lyrid Meteor Shower returns yet again

Forget everything else, for the universe’s very own late night show is currently running.

The Lyrid Meteor Shower peaked last night, and is going to remain in your sky for the week.

The star show occurs each April, beginning on April 16 this year.

The meteor show is to last until April 26, 2020. Even though its peak was just last night, and there is not returning for another year if you missed it, you still have a few days. And maybe, you can see it tonight.

The enchanting Lyrid Meteor Shower has been observed since 687 BC, and graces us earthlings every year.

This year, it was at its peak a day before the new moon, which meant that it was a magnificently dark night sky to give you a view of the showers.

The shower is especially clear for observers in the Northern Hemisphere, who can see up to 20 meteors per hour during its peak.

While it is true that the best chance to see them was last night, it is also true that you might have other chances to see them, as they