UFO-like creature found in Australian waters could be world’s longest animal

Experts have found the longest-ever siphonophore in Western Australia’s underwater canyons, which could also be the longest living creature in the world.

While the coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, scientists may have found what could be the world’s longest animal!

According to reports, as many as 30 new marine species have been discovered by experts in the deep sea off the Australian coast along with what could be the longest animal in the world.

Experts have found the longest-ever siphonophore in Western Australia’s underwater canyons.

This particular siphonophore is estimated to be close to 150 feet or 46 metres long, making it the longest creature in the world. The gigantic Blue Whale is usually estimated to be 91 feet or over 25 metres long.

String-like, UFO-shaped siphonophore is a deep water predator. Experts believe they feed with the help of their tentacles that keep floating in the ocean water, just like jellyfish.

Experts at Western Australia Museum (WAM) led the expedition and said they also discovered marine species which have never been documented before such as the first giant hydroids.  

“Western Australia Museum researchers have found what they believe could be the longest animal ever recorded. It has been estimated that the giant Apolemia siphonophore is more than 120m long, but it’s length is yet to be formally established,” read a tweet posted by the WAM.

Dr Nerida Wilson of WAM, however, clarified in a tweet that the team has not estimated the creature’s length but it could be the longest ever seen in the ocean.

“Just a quick fact check though, we never estimated it’s length, and are working on measuring it accurately. This Might Be the Longest Creature Ever Seen in the Ocean,” Wilson tweeted on Wednesday.