Want to be a Drummer

Introducing Pocket Drum, where you can drum without using a drumset.

Pocket drum developed by Aeroband is where you can play drums without a drum stick.

All though there are players in this market, this company is making blue -tooth drums which are highly reactive & vibrates with each hit, with different vibrations based on the bounce of drum and force of the hit. The drums also deliver different sounds based on the force of the hit.

What does this drum hold?

It’s up for funding in Indigogo

The Drum works through specific Inertial AI chip and unique space calculating algorithm. These core technologies make PocketDrum be able to capture your movement in 3-dimensional space with accuracy and know exactly which drum we are drumming at and how hard we drum.

The Company’s app three different modes namely Tutorial ,free & Game mode where you can enhance your drumming skills.

Here ‘s where you can watch the video on how this Air drum works.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQX7gSH2rEw&t=5s


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