Want to Spend your vacation in Space

Want to have a Drink in Space. Your Wait ends in 2025.

Named as Von Braun Space Station developed by The Gate Way Foundation.

Outlook of the Conceived Space -Station , Pic Source : de-zeen

The Company has designed it in the working principle of ISS which is Maintained by Nasa & Other Space Agencies to conduct researches in Space .The Design of the space station is quiet different from ISS. As the Considered space station will be circular wheel which will be rotating to have some gravity. The Structure will house 24 pods which will be leased for commercial & Research Purposes.It can hold 400 people , While 100 are expected to visit every week.

The PODS which will house different purposes .Source : The Sun.

The Gate way Foundation has more plans for the Space ,As it is also looking for a bigger version which can house 1,400. The Space station will drive both Tourism & Research said Tim Alatoree while speaking to De -Zeen.

The space hotel will have facilities similar to a cruise ship

Further , With Space tourism and space habitation for the average person is on the brink of a major breakthrough. With the dramatic increase in private companies providing low-cost launch services to orbit and the overall commercialisation of space that is being pushed by NASA, there has never been a time in history where it has been more financially feasible to travel in space.

Inputs from De-zeen & The Sun.


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